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The Nursing Agency: Connecting You With Health Care

The Nursing Agency is an organization of registered nurses (RPNs and RNs) who work independently, but cooperatively, for their own benefit, the benefit of the patient, and for the benefit of the group. The nurses share their knowledge and expertise increasing The Nursing Agency to over 100 years of combined experience.

The Nursing Agency provides a direct channel between you as the patient and the services you require. You may be referred to us or contact us directly to be matched with one of our nurses who meets your needs.

Nurse Collleen, 2017

Independent Nurses Working Collectively in the Community

Colleen Scanlan, The Nursing Agency Founder, has run her acupuncture services for the past 25 years and has been a registered nurse, practicing for 38 years. She saw a lack of private nursing care and nursing services available in her city, North Bay, and wanted to change that. She wanted to give her community an alternative to the current health care services and began the Nursing Agency journey.


Our mission is to provide excellence in nursing care for the purpose of creating a healthy community.


We will support community health by supplying the patient with proficient and skilled nurses, who will provide a therapeutic relationship, in a timely manner, for accelerated healing and ongoing support.


  • Treat all patients, agency nurses and others with integrity, respect and appreciation.
  • Be accountable to our patients and community health care partners.
  • Encourage creativity and innovation in our nursing activities.
  • At all times, act according to the Nursing Agency Code of Ethical Principles and Standards

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