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Lose Weight and Change your LIFE!

Nurse Colleen is back for another great diet class to start 2019 off right!

DATE: Mondays starting January 7th for 6 weeks
TIME: 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm
LOCATION: 269 Main St W Suite 202 North Bay
COST: $100 per person
DISCOUNT: Sign up with your friend and get $10 off your ticket (or $5 each if you’re nice).

Eat the same foods you love AND lose weight! I’ve done it, so can you! This proven weight lose strategy changes the way you eat without affecting WHAT. Once you hit your ideal weight, balance out your diet and adjust to the more healthier lifestyle.

Meeting once a week for 6 weeks, we will delve into super foods, dieting and acupuncture treatments.

Call Colleen at (705) 499-6837 to reserve your spot. Tickets can be paid by e-transfer, credit (through the square at the Nursing Agency) or cash.

Medical Uses For Duct Tape: Warts and Calluses

Nurse Colleen tells us a story…

I had a patient remind me the other day on how to smother warts and remove calluses.

He had gone on a Caribbean holiday, and he had a big callous on his foot which was rubbing on his sandals. He did not have a Band-Aid but had some black duct tape in his suitcase.

He applied it to the callus, and lo and behold, at the end of their one-week holiday, the callus was gone.

Yep, it is true. If you apply duct tape to a callus or wart after a few weeks it falls off and takes your problem with it.

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