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Red Cross Courses

Classes run the third weekend of every month. Call, text or email to register. Available courses include;

Red Cross First Aid and CPR Basic (Level A) 
– All Day Class (9 am to 4 pm)
– $90 person
First Aid & CPR Level C+ Blended Course
– 10-15 hours of online class prior to in person
– All day class for testing $135 per person
Red Cross First Aid & CPR Level C+ 
– 2 all day classes (usually over a weekend)
– $135 per person
Red Cross First Aid & CPR Recerts
– $45 each for 3 hour class
N95 Mask Fit Testing 
– 1 hour booking
– $30 each 
2019 Class Dates:
February 16th – 17th
March 16th – 17th
April 20th – 21st
May 18th – 19th
June 15th – 16th
July 20th – 21st
August 17th – 18th
September 21st – 22nd
October 19th – 20th
November 16th – 17th
December 21st – 22nd

Call, text or email to register!

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