Providing Excellence in Nursing Care

Nursing Services

The Right Nurse

We build relationships between nurse and patient, while providing the nursing services you need.

You will enjoy:

  • The same nurse every time (barring illness and emergencies, of course)
  • Somebody you like and trust
  • Consistent treatment from someone familiar with your history
  • A personalized care plan
  • Oversight by the North Bay Nursing Agency
  • The ability to negotiate your service schedule


All nurses are registered with the College of Nurses of Ontario and have a police record check.

For The Right Need

We will match you with a nurse who specializes in the kind of care you require.

North Bay Nursing Agency: Professional Nursing CareA few examples:

  • Post-surgical: dressings, wound care etc.
  • Help for new mothers: breastfeeding assistance, postpartum support etc.
  • Assistance and supervision for patients with dementia (for travel situations, respite care, or everyday tasks)
  • Palliative care
  • Emergency childcare

In The Right Place

Our nurses can provide care in your home (or even on the road, if you need someone to travel with you). We will attend where we’re needed.

Nurse checking blood pressure

Telemedicine and Assisted Health Monitoring

If you don’t need in-home care, but you could use help monitoring your blood sugar, blood pressure, heart rate, etc. we can work with you by phone, or through other technology-assisted methods.

At The Right Time

You and your nurse will decide on a care plan together. Whether you need:North Bay Nursing Agency: Receive Care in Your Home

  • Temporary help (e.g. after a surgery, with a new baby)
  • Long term in-home care (e.g. to help you, or a loved one, stay at home longer)
  • Emergency short-term care (e.g. if your child is too sick to attend daycare, and you can’t miss work)
  • Occasional respite care

Contact us today at 705-303-8333 for an intake assessment.

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